Ristorante Ad Hoc Roma
Via di Ripetta 43, 00186 Roma, Italy

Cuisine. Authentic, traditional Italian cuisine
Website.  www.ristoranteadhoc.com
Email. info@ristoranteadhoc.com
Tel. / Fax. +39 06 32 33 040

Hours of operation.

Closed at lunch
Open every day for dinner ( 19.00 – 1.00 )
The Ad Hoc Restaurant has express kitchen open till 1:00 a.m. at night
Average price. 
45 euro per pax

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Ad Hoc restaurant is proud of its wine cellar. Compiled from continuous and careful research into the best labels, the wine list showcases 650 wines in total, with highlights including 40 dessert wines and 30 grappa brandies.

Situated in the romantic corner of Via di Ripetta, in the centre of Rome, Ad Hoc restaurant is the ideal place were you can relax and enjoy the typical Roman and Mediterranean cuisine, skilfully prepared with dedication and experience. Before or after a beautiful walk in the centre of Rome, between Spanish Steps and Via Condotti, Pantheon, Popolo square, Ad Hoc restaurant will be the right place to have a fine dining, matching with the best wines.

Simply take a look at our TASTING MENUS.

Ad Hoc restaurant roman and Mediterranean cuisine; all dishes are executed with great passion and freshly cooked on the spot. The preparation of the dishes may require a little bit of time in order to ensure maximum freshness and lightness, but we think it is worth it the waiting.

Our passion for food leads us to a manic selection of the best products, because we think quality has no shortcuts.
Some words about it:
Black truffle and white truffle. The ageing of our prosciutti, from San Daniele to Pata Negra, Italian and french cheeses happens in our stone caves in Subiaco. We use only pasta from Gragnano for our pastas.

And in our estate in Subiaco we produce a sublime extra virgin olive oil, that we serve to everyone at the beginning of the dining, to match with the dishes.
Ad Hoc’s chef, Adriano De Angelis, does the rest. Putting it all together with skill and passion, he will be happy, if you want, to meet you during the dining and explain everything ( secrets included ) of his dishes.
And wines ? 650 different labels , 35 wines served by the glasses.
Ad Hoc restaurant present cuisine for celiac too.



Ad Hoc & supertuscan Antinori and Frescobaldi wine matching


Food & wine tasting menu – land

Tasting Hors d’ouvres

Hams and lard:

San Daniele ham 24 months aged
Jamon Serrano Hembra
Lard from Colonnata


Pont l’eveque
Parmesan 36 motnhs aged
Zucchini tartles

served with:
Marchesi Frescobaldi: Nipozzano Chianti Classico Riserva

tasting Pasta course

Hand made pasta with
“Ad Hoc” rabbit ragout

“ Ad Hoc” Gnocchi
served with amatriciana souce
(made with bacon and tomatoes )
served with:
Marchesi Frescobaldi: Casafonte - Pinot Nero

tasting meat
Meatballs of danish beef
with black truffle
Sirloin of Tuscany beef
grilled, sliced and seasoned
with rucola, parmesan.

served with: Marchesi Frescobaldi: Lucente


Express tiramisu
served with:Marchesi Frescobaldi – Santo Spirito

Euro 70,00 per pers. wines included
(service included )

Food & wine tasting menu – sea

Tasting Hors d’ouvres

Anchovies flan
stuffed with spicy bread,
”taggiasche” olives and capers

Smoked salmon ravioli
stuffed with yougourtmousse

Swordfish rolls
stuffed with pumpkins
flowers mousse

served with: Inama Soave Classico

tasting Pasta course

Hand made ravioli
with lobster and zucchini

Paccheri with swordfish
with cherry tomatoes and basil

served with: Sauvignon Vulcaia

tasting fish

Sea bass fillet
oven cooked with mushrooms
and covered with courgettes

grilled, sliced and seasoned
with small roasted onions
tomatoes and asparagus

served with: Chardonnay Inama


Pine nuts parfait with chocolate
served with: Dario Coos Ramandolo

Euro 70,00 per pers. wines included
(service included )

Food & wine tasting menu – land & sea

Tasting Hors d’ouvres

Tuscany beef fillet

Parmesan milfoil
with basil and goat cheese mousse,
cherry tomatoes and smoked ham

Two cheese
with honey and mustard

Swordfish rolls
stuffed with pumpkins
flowers mousse

Sea bass carpaccio

served with: marchesi antinori, il bruciato – bolgheri

Tasting Pasta course

Hand made pasta with
rabbit ragout

Pasta with lobster
Homemade pasta
served with: Bramito - chardonnay

Tasting fish & meat

Sirlion of Tuscany beef
Grilled, sliced and seasoned,
With rucola, parmesan and tomatoes

Catch of the day
Potatoes encrousted
and spinach
served with: Marchesi Antinori, Bramasole – Syrah


Tasting of different crème brules
served with:Marchesi antinori aleatico

Euro 75,00 per pers. wines included
(service included )

the black truffle

Food & wine tasting menu

Tasting Hors d’ouvres

Pumpkin flowers filled with
Ricotta cheese and black truffle

Tuscany beef carpaccio with
Olive oil and black truffle

Egg with taleggio cheese
And black truffle

Served with: Marchesi Frescobaldi – Lucente

Tasting Pasta course

Home made ravioli stuffed
With beef fillet ragout
And black truffle

Spaghetti “Carbonara” style
With black truffle

Served with :Frescobaldi – Brunello di Montalcino

tasting meat

grilled tuscany beef fillet
with black truffle

roasted meatballs with
honey mushroomas and
black truffle

Served with: Marchesi de Frescobaldi – Luce

Tasting dessert

Served with: Vinsanto - Tuscany

Euro 95,00 per pers. wines included ( service included )



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