Ristorante Spirito DiVino
Via dei Genovesi 31 a/b
Rome, 00153 Italy

+39 06 589 66 89
+39 06 589 66 89
Website: www.spiritodivino.com
Closed Sunday

Spirito Divino offers an interesting dish allegedly popular in ancient Rome—pork in the style of Matius. The legendary Matius, son of Cicero's learned friend, Gaius Matius, wrote three volumes on gastronomy and is said to be the inventor of a procedure that involves removing the pork fat, marinating the remainder for 24 hours in red wine and apple slices and roasting it in spices. Julius Caesar and Augustus couldn't get enough of it. There is also fresh fish and game, in season.
All in all, this is a wonderful and very interesting restaurant.

Spirito DiVino is a family affair with mom the chef while dad and son deftly handle the front. They started the business in 1998, succeeding in creating the desired environment and a dining experience where one feels at home while enjoying market- fresh ingredients cooked with care and imagination.
The entrance hall and bar area is beautifully and comfortably furnished and does indeed make one feel as if entering a home. The archways and terra cotta Alcantara walls create a most romantic feeling as one walks up the few stairs to the dining room. The well-arranged tables provide welcome space and privacy.
There is also a wine cellar housing a rich collection of bottles for which Spirito di Vino is well-known. The walls in the basement are magnificently preserved; the brickwork is truly awesome...
Wonderful hosts, food, entertainment and a bit of history all at reasonable prices is a pretty darn good combination. - thetravelzine.com

In Spirito DiVino, they take their wine seriously. There are 2 Sommeliers of A.I.S. (Italian Sommeliers Association) to guide you.
In the cellars they have more than 800 different labels from all wine regions of the world.

The menu offers about 20 different starters, each cooked to order, so be prepared to wait. Desserts are simple but good, and the wine list is extensive, but the light house wine from the Roman hills is quite satisfactory.

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