Ambasciata d'Abruzzo

26, Pietro Tacchini St.
Rome, 00197 Italy
Excellent food. Appetizers, Dessert, wine and liquors included in the fixed price meal. Good quality. Specialties, wines, liqueurs, from the Abruzzi region.

In the heart of the most renowned area of Rome "Parioli ", Ambasciata d'Abruzzo, since 1964, welcome its clients with wonderful food imbued with typical Roman and Abruzzi flavor.

In its newly renovated banquet area, spacious and discreet, Ambasciata d'Abruzzo can accommodate meetings, catering to small and big parties. It serves the traditional fare as well as simple and tasty dishes, like cured pork meats, "mozzarella", "ricotta", "bruschette", smoked ham, meatballs and the typical "fagioli con le cotiche" (beans flavoured with pork rind and aromatic herbs), prepared with wholesome products.

"Located in Parioli, the overall most affluent residential neighborhood of Rome, it’s amazing how reasonably priced and down to earth this wonderful restaurant is. You must start with the house antipasto array, which always includes vegetable dishes, a frittata of some sort, and, perhaps best, a selection of salami from the region of Abruzzo, dried sausages and ham, most of which you cannot get in the States. (I am particularly fond of the dried sausage with liver.) The cheese and spinach ravioli dressed with butter and sage are also a must. Then you are on your own if you can fit in anymore. There is also a gargantuan set-price feast. You may want to ask about it. The rooms, including a wine-lined side one, feel substantial and comfortable. The atmosphere at both lunch and dinner is lively with local customers, including families who come for the set-price meal..."

Ambasciata d'Abruzzo serves a large selection of fresh fish dishes like "carpaccio di polpo" (raw polyp), "orecchiette con gamberi e zucchine" (typical regional pasta with prawn and courgettes), fish salad, "risotto alla pescatora" (rice with many types of fish), "tonnarelli alla spigola", "spaghetti con le sarde", "coccio al guazzetto" (a very good fish sauce with bread served in a typical plate), "scampi alla griglia" (grilled fish).



Thinly sliced marinated sword-fish    9 Euro

Thinly sliced marinated salmon    8 Euro

Sea food salad    9 Euro

Mixed fried    6 Euro

"Culatello" special salami    12 Euro

Dried beef and rocket salad    9 Euro

Ham and mozzarella cheese    8 Euro

Fresh mozzarella cheese and tomatoes    6,50 Euro

 Selection of cold meats    6,50 Euro

Ham and melon    10 Euro

Mussels sauté    9 Euro

Clams sauté    12 Euro 


Hand made pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach    8 Euro

Maccheroni with cacio cheese and black peppercorn    8 Euro

Fettuccine with boletus mushrooms    10 Euro

Linguine with artichokes    8 Euro

Bucatini with tomato sauce, bacon and pecorino chees    8 Euro

Spaghetti with beaten eggs, bacon, pecorino cheese and black peppercon    8 Euro

Agnolotti with ground beef tomato sauce    8 Euro

Maccheroni "abruzzese" style    8 Euro

Penne with spicy tomato sauce    7 Euro

Maccheroni with lemon sauce    9 Euro

Rice with red radicchio    8 Euro

Rice with boletus mushrooms    10 Euro

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil    7 Euro

Spaghetti with clams    12 Euro

Rice with seafood    12 Euro

Maccheroni with mussels and cherry tomatoes    9 Euro

Orecchiette with shrimps and zucchini    12 Euro

Coral rice    12 Euro

Spaghetti with minced fish    10 Euro

Linguine with seafood    12 Euro

Penne with salmon    10 Euro

Main Courses

Roasted lamb with potatoes    13 Euro

Roasted suckling-pig with patatoes    12 Euro

Special roasted lamb chop    12 Euro

Pork chop "abruzzese" style    10 Euro

Grilled veal chop    12 Euro

Grilled beef steak    12 Euro

Prime rib    14 Euro

Entrecote    15 Euro

Veal breast    10 Euro

Mignon fillet with green pepper    18 Euro

Mignon fillet    16 Euro

Wild boar in sweet-and-sour sauce    12 Euro

Roe deer with green peppercorn    12 Euro

Thin sliced of stewed meat with rocket and cherry tomatoes    12 Euro

Chicken with potatoes    10 Euro

Veal rumps "roman" style    12 Euro

Escalopes of veal    12 Euro

Sliced of beef    12 Euro

Grilled langoustines    20 Euro

Grilled prawns    20 Euro

Mixed fried    12 Euro

Trawled fried fish    15 Euro

Grilled sword-fish    16 Euro

Grilled squid    13 Euro

Silt-bream (gilthead)    16 Euro

Sea bass    16 Euro

Turbot    18 Euro

Sole    18 Euro


Roast potatoes    4 Euro

Fried potatoes    5 Euro

Fresh mixed salad    4 Euro

Cooked vegetables    4 Euro


Strawberries    5,50 Euro

Wild strawberries    6,50 Euro

Fruit salad    3,50 Euro

Mixed Berries    6,50 Euro

Seasonal fruit    3 Euro

Pineapple    4,50 Euro


Tiramisù    4,50 Euro

Crème caramel    4,50 Euro

Baked cream    4,50 Euro

Liqueur-soaked sponge cake with a filling of cream and chocolate    4,50 Euro

Chocolate mousse    4,50 Euro

Profiterole    4,50 Euro

Mixed soft ice-cream    4,50 Euro

Mont blanc    5 Euro

Lemon sorbet    4,50 Euro

Crème brulée    5 Euro

"Ambasciatore" style soufflé    6 Euro



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