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Chinois On Main


2709 Main St. (between Ocean Park Blvd. & Rose Ave.)
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 310-392-9025

“In the beginning, there was the to-die-for crispy catfish” at Wolfgang Puck’s Santa Monica mainstay, and after more than 20 years, the “heavenly” Eurasian cuisine is still “wonderful”, with a “changing menu that keeps it interesting”; the service is “excellent” (“long reign manager Bella” [Lantsman]) and the room’s “lovely”, though the “painfully crowded” quarters and “excruciating” noise levels mar the experience for some; still, the “tried-and-true formula” keeps fans returning for their “fix” and feeling it’s “worth the splurge.”
Consistently the top-rated of LA's Wolfgang Puck restaurants, this Pacific New Waver is a veritable "culinary circus", "crowded and noisy" with "magical" food and a counter where diners can watch the kitchen "mayhem" as chefs juggle such standouts as "superb whole fish" and "great duck"; "if you have the bucks, head on over" for a "world-class" "adventure in eating."
Despite "tight quarters" and the "sonic ambiance of a jet-engine factory", Wolfgang Puck's "colorful" Santa Monica French-influenced Asian stalwart continues to be "one of the toughest tickets in town" and the maestro's highest-rated for Food in the Survey; the reason: a "unique menu" with "wildly flavorful dishes" - "to-die-for" whole sizzling deep-fried catfish, "a spectacular Shanghai lobster" - that can "shake even the most jaded palate."



Oriental crabcakes with cilantro honey mustard vinaigrette and cucumber salad $18.50
Lobster tempura stuffed with mushrooms on a warm watercress bed in a whole grain mustard vinaigrette $21.75
Napa cabbage stuffed with squab, foie gras and spicy vegetables in cumin sauce $18.50
Smoked duck sausage with Mandarin plum glaze and spring roll $12.75
Stir-fried lamb with wok-fried Maui onion rings in radicchio leaves $11.50
Chinese duck crepes and julienne of fresh vegetables in a soy-honey glaze $17.00
Duck consommé with crispy won ton dumplings 7.50


Warm sweet curried oysters with cucumber sauce and salmon pearls $9.75
Fresh goose liver with marinated grilled pineapples $19.50
Barbecued baby pork ribs with honey and chili sauce $14.75
Sizzling sea scallops with potato strings, mixed greens and Chinois venaigrette $17.50
Tempura Ahi tuna sashimi with fresh uni sauce $19.00
Chinois chicken salad $12.75


Cantonese duck with fresh plum sauce $23.75
Barbecued salmon with marinated black and gold noodles, lemon basil vinaigrette $22.75
Grilled Mongolian lamb chops with cilantro vinaigrette and wok-fried vegetables $29.50
Whole sizzling catfish with ginger and ponzu sauce $23.50
Shanghai lobster with spicy ginger and julienne of green onions $27.00
Charcoal grilled Szechuan beef, thinly sliced, with hot chili oil and cilantro shallot sauce $28.00




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