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 Listing in TopRestaurants.com

(We reserve the rights of our selection panel to choose the appropriate establishments for our website.)

We charge a monthly fee of $14 USD, bill annually at $168 ($14 x 12 months) for advertising in TopRestaurants.com.
This regular listing will include the posting of a restaurant's logo/picture, map, reviews, link & a brief description in our directory for one year.
*** Also, we will add the existing Reservations links of the restaurants in our ad. This will enable the viewers to make reservations directly from our website.

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Your name, Title (position), restaurant name, address, domain name (URL), your email address
and your choice of listing: (Regular listing or Full-page listing).

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If your establishment is suitable for our website, we will list you as soon as possible.

You will be notified by email when your restaurant is listed in our website.

You do not have to send us any photo or logo, we can capture them directly from your website.


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