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Chef g's Seafood & Steakhouse
1915 Westheimer, Houston, Texas 77098
Telephone. 713-522-5551 Fax. 713-522-1113
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The most fabulous Steaks and Seafood in Houston. Famous for Steaks and Seafood Platters made to Share.
Chef g Voted Houston Super Chef 2003- H-Texas Magazine.

A man had a dream. His name was Gower Idrees, an avid cook, he would look after his various ventures during the day, then unwind in the evenings by cooking wonderful meals at home for friends, associates and his lady friend.
His vision: he would create a special place where patrons could come to rediscover their taste for superb food , great wines and warm feelings……at very popular prices.

They would come to the place known as Chef g’s and, for a few leisurely hours, be treated as if they were the center of their own special universe. Time would stop, and worries, too, as they shared a feast brimming with sensuality and flavors, inspired by Chef g’s personal passions.


Chef g noted that while he and his beloved both loved to dine, they had strikingly different tastes. She favored fish and veggies . He still loved a good cut of beef. Many couples shared those differences. So the Chef gs experience was designed to be a wonderful blend of both the male and female elements. The perfect harmony of the Oriental philosophy of Yin and Yang.

Undoubtedly, the most-talked-about trademark of Chef g’s is The Journey, “Create your own Steak and Seafood Platters” that are custom designed by those at the table. Journeys are an array of three different menu items presented with a flourish in a silver chafing dish, kept warm throughout the meal. As guests dine and share their food, creating their own blends of flavors and sensations, the
adventure begins.



Chef g’s selected as one of top picks to dine for New Years Eve.
Houston Chronicle, December, 2002

Ulysses had the Odyssey. Lewis and Clark had the Mississipi. The Enterprise had a five-year mission. And Houston Diners have Chef g’s meat.
Robb Walsh
The G-Spot, Houston Press, January, 2003

Chef g featured as the entrepreneurial profile in the Business Section
Houston Chronicle, January, 2003

Chef g featured on “Delicious Mischief” radio show.
K-ARTS, January, 2003

He is a pretty gutsy guy to do something so unusual. Most Places try to ape other successful places, but this guy is following his own star.
Teresa Byrne-Dodge
Editor of My table Magazine
As seen in Houston Chronicle, January, 2003

To some diners, Chef g’s meat and seafood Journeys may seem like Paradise, so many exotic tastes at once...

Restaurants are very risky and he has gone to great lengths to make sure he stands out...

Among the touches that makes Chef g’s memorable: Guest wearing black get black napkins. Female diners who feel a chill are given shawls.
David Kaplan
Houston Chronicle, January, 2003

The Food that Chef Gower creates is mind-blowing, and his sauces are scrumptious. The delectable restaurant is all about the sauces, and the journey, and the food. Actually this place is about the customer. Go eat there, and you’ll know what we mean...

Chef g’s chosen as one of 26 Hot destinations for Valentines in Houston
Inside Houston, February, 2003

Chef g’s aired on television as on one of the picks as the top date places in Houston.
Fox 26, Feburary, 13, 2003

Chef g’s custom cut meats get mentioned.
Restaurant and Institutions, Feburary, 2003

Chef g’s featured on television as a ”fab food find”.
Fox 26 News, Feburary, 2003

My favorite dish here was the side of skillet potatoes, which tells you something. They are crunchy-skinned, onion laced, a model of their kind. ( if only a similar dish at Papas Steakhouse were this good.). The potatoes also went particularly well with a range of those signature sauces, from the creamy wasabi “sky sauce” to the mellow and delicious Tabasco, bacon Molasses butter.
Allison Cook
Houston Chronicle, January 2003

Based on our first visit, Chef g’s could succeed at this formerly snake-bit location. We tried a filet Mignon perfectly complemented with Blue Cheese butter ( about 15 sauces were available to sample), and also liked our crab-crusted snapper, crisp skillet potatoes, and iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and bacon.
Texas Monthly
March, 2003

Funny, those same French guys who stormed the Bastille way back when wouldn’t have dared to mess with their beloved “mother sauces,” and coming from the country that wrote the Declaration of Independence, Idrees seems to storm whatever he feels like storming. No doubt, for many of Chef g’s clientele, the insurrection works.
John DeMers
Inside Houston, March 2003

Chef g’s gets attention in developing restaurant trends.
Restaurant Hospitality, March 2003

Chef g interviewed for his innovative approach to mainstream dishes.
Seafood Business, April, 2003

Named Among the top 5 best Value wine lists in Houston.
My table Awards, June 2003

Chef g’s bite sized desserts are mentioned.
Houston Business Journal, June 2003

Chef g’s featured for its niche in the Steakhouse Arena
Houston In Town Magazine, June 2003

Chef g profiled for his journey concept.
Seafood Business, July 2003

Chef g’s mentioned for its bite sized desserts.
002 Magazine, July 2003

Today, the lobster tempura ($12.95) is food for the gods at Chef g's Seafood & Steakhouse. What better to put inside the celestial tempura coating than a plump and succulent pillow of select lobster, the kind that would bring tears to seafood lovers' eyes even if they were eating it naked?
Houston Press featured Hot Plate, July 2003

Chef g’s desserts were featured in an article “Petite Sweets”
Restaurant Business, July, 2003

Chef g’s offers a more than pleasant dining room, service, service and more service.
Dennis Abrams, My table Magazine, August 2003


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