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Sarasota, FL 34236 USA
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New Latino, Peruvian
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In the heart of beautiful Downtown Sarasota, Selva Grill Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy tantalizing Latin/Spanish and Peruvian cuisine: try the sensational culinary creations by award winning chef Darwin Santa Maria. Chef Santa Maria was honored "The Top Ten Sous Chefs in the U.S." at Bertolli First Annual Sous Chef Awards.

“Viva Peru!” cheer the happy few who have explored this Peruvian dinner-only “gem”, now ensconced in new larger, vibrantly colored digs Downtown; chef-owner Darwin Santa Maria “cooks with great gusto”, “speaking fluent cilantro” with a Nuevo Latino accent and creating special seviche that manages to be “very flavorful” yet “not too spicy for aging taste buds”; a “charming staff” makes it “a pleasure to go there.”
- Zagat Survey
To dine in Selva Grill is to experience the result of a fascinating evolution of foods and cultures, from the traditional South American rustic fare to the eclectic, sophisticated dishes that comes from the best of the Mediterranean and the old world.

A glance at the menu and you will see the fusion of different cultures in harmony.
For example:
Ny Strip With Truffle and parmesan scented papas fritas and port wine demi glace
New York Striploin + French truffle + Italian parmesan cheese + Latino papas fritas + French demi glace sauce.

Selva Grill offers a truly memorable gastronomic adventure.

Dinner Menu


Mayya Shrimp Ceviche - $10.00
Marinated in orange, lime juice, achiote, tossed with avocado, tomato, red onion Cusco corn and garnished with crispy plantain

Selva’s Beef Ceviche - $10.00
Slices of seared rare sirloin with panca sauce, lime juice, orange juice, avocados and red onions

Ceviche de Choros - $8.00
Boiled New Zealand mussels, topped with onions, tomatoes, lime juice, olive oil and Cusco corn

Octopus Ceviche - $14.00
Thin slices of cold tender octopus marinated with a Peruvian black olive sauce, sliced avocados and toasted bread

Chifa Ceviche - $9.00
Chilean Salmon with lemongrass, ginger infused young coconut water and soy sauce

Mixto Ceviche - $15.00
Corvina, shrimp, octopus, mussels with lime, onions, cilantro, Cusco corn and roasted camote

Selva Ceviche - $10.00
Selva’s own “wild” ceviche of fresh corvina, lime, onions, cilantro, Cusco corn and roasted camote

“Triologia” 3 Maneras Ceviche - $12.00
Tuna & ginger sauce, Corvina with aji amarillo, salmon in lemongrass ginger

Hawaiian Tiradito Ono - $12.00
Hawaiian Wahoo marinated in lime juice & Aji Amarillo with mango, cucumber and ponzu sauce

Tuna Tiradito Nikkei - $10.00
Fresh Tuna marinated with ginger, soy sauce and cubes of fresh watermelon


Sopa del Dia - $0.00

Chopped Salad - $6.50
With tomato, onions, avocados, Cusco corn, black beans and queso fresco served on lettuce with honey chipotle vinaigrette

Ensalada de Tomate y Artichokes - $7.50
Roasted tomatoes, artichoke hearts with Balsamico extra virgin olive oil and Ricotta Salata

Tartara de Atun - $13.00
Diced fresh tuna tossed in sesame oil with tamarind vinaigrette and wonton crisps

Anticuchos - $12.00
Marinated and mixed brochettes of beef, chicken and pork served with salsa de casa and ta-ca-cho

Picante de Camarones - $14.00
Aji-chili-spiced shrimp “piri-piri” with yuca

La Buena Causa - $13.00
A combination of Peruvian purple mashed potatoes, avocados, Jonah crab claws, with a mild rocotto pepper aioli

Yuca a la Huancaina - $5.00
Yuca in a sauce of aji amarillo


Ta-ca-cho - $5.00

Sweet Plantains - $5.00

Plantain Chips - $5.00

Green Pea Beer Risotto - $5.00

Sauté Vegetables - $5.00

Jicama Salad - $5.00


Bistec con Sherry Poached Foie Gras Butter - $28.00
Ny Strip With Truffle and parmesan scented papas fritas and port wine demi glace

Pollo Criollo Al Horno - $23.00
Chicken Statler breast roasted with oyster mushroom quinoa and pan au jus

Arroz con Pato - $24.00
A gourmet version of the traditional dish of Chiclayo in Norther Peru, delicious cilantro and beer infused risotto with duck breast, green peas, red peppers and salsa criolla

Lomo Saltado con Yuca y Arroz - $21.00
Chinese inspired dish, wok-fried sirloin in an onion, tomato, soy sauce, garlic and aji marinade served with rice and fried yuca

Roasted Lamb Rack with Macadamia Nut Andean Herb Pesto - $38.00
With purple potato mash, braised swiss chard and rosemary demi glace

Slow Braised Venison Osso Bucco - $29.00
Venison braised in red wine, mirepoix and sauce served with chive and Truffle Risotto

Skirt Steak - $20.00
with beet relish, sweet plantains and chimichurri

Double Cut Pork Chop - $24.00
With roasted sweet camotes, braised red cabbage and sweet onion mustard seed chutney

Samba & Inca Style North Atlantic Cod Loin - $24.00
Stewed spicy tomatoes and chorizo with rice wrapped in a banana leaf and baked

Grilled Hawaiian Shutome Soffrito - $28.00
Hawaiian Swordfish with slow cooked sweet peppers, onion and tomatoes served with yuca frita

Atun A La Parilla - $26.00
Grilled Ahi Tuna with pomegranate vinaigrette and jicama salad

Jalea de Mariscos - $30.00
Crisp fried jumbo prawns, corvina, octopus in a juicy onion and lemon chili sauce

Sweet Chili Glazed Chilean Salmon with Cangrejo Roll Picante - $24.00
Crab, Mango, Aji Limo, maki roll and herb salad

Whole Fried Snapper - $28.00
With lime ginger sauce and rice, served whole


El Rey Brulee - $7.50
100% Cacao Venezolano Custard with crisp sugar glaze, and fresh berries

Peaches and Cream - $7.00
Cinnamon & Sugar Bread pudding with Bourbon soaked local peaches, Dulce de leche & Vanilla Ice Cream

Pot of Mousse - $8.00
Bittersweet and white chocolate mousses, dark chocolate “pot,” cappuccino Tartufo chocolate, mango and raspberry sauces

Pastel de Tres Leches - $7.00
Extra moist cake soaked in Three-milks, strawberries, meringue, and strawberry gelato

Crystal Bowl - $7.00
Seasonal fruit and berries with house made tropical sorbet

Banana Flan - $7.00
Banana ice cream, banana chutney, caramelized bananas, and Brazil nut praline

Selva Sundae - $8.00
Coconut Gelato & Guava Sorbet with Slow Roasted Rum pineapple & Vanilla bean Toasted Coconut and Dulce de leche

A selection of house made sorbet or ice cream with tuile cookie - $6.50



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