RJ Mexican Cuisine
1701 N Market St
Dallas ( West End), TX 75202
Telephone. 214-744-1420
Fax. 214-744-1413
Email. rjmexicancuisine@sbcglobal.net
Website. rjmexicancuisine.com
Regional Mexican cuisine
Executive Chef. Ronald Von Hatten
General Manager. Jay Khan

Locally Owned and Operated Unique Mexican Cuisine
D Magazine " Fresh Regional Mexican Cuisine"
Dallas Morning News Rated ***1/2 Stars
Dallas Obserever " Stand out from the crowd"
Dallas Business Journal "Mexican fare with a rustic feel" Dining out "Unique recipes from all eight culinary regions of Mexico"

Offers a wide Variety of Specialties. Great seafood, steaks, ribs, quail and traditional Mexican entrees. A relaxing ambiance with a full service bar and patio dining. Convenient to down town hotels and convention center. Offers off site catering, semi private dining Available. Takeout Available.

Reservations Recommended

Rj Mexican Cuisine takes pride in providing the best authentic Mexican food. Unique recipes from all eight culinary regions of Mexico.
Rj offers off-site catering services and delivery throughout Dallas, TX area. Rj can cater from 25 people to 2,500 people and provide the best catering service. For more information, call (214) 744-1420 and ask for a manager.
Rj has proudly catered for Texas Rangers and Anatole Hotel.

Hours Of Operations: Sunday thru Thursday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00am to 11:00pm

 Dinner Menu

o tapas y botanas ~ appetizers

guacamole classico
freshly diced Haas avocado with Spanish onion, tomato, Serrano chiles, cilantro and
fresh lime , served with crispy
toast points. $5.99
chile con queso
blended cheeses with sweet tomatoes, Spanish onion, chiles and cilantro.
cup $3.99 bowl $5.99

queso compuesto
chile con queso with fresh pico de gallo, spicy ground beef and classic guacamole. $6.99

queso fundido con chorizo y rajas
bubbling, sizzling blanket of melted cheese, strips of roasted pepper and crumbles of
sharp, meaty sausage, flamed table side and served with warm flour tortillas.  $7.99

ceviche classico
tender morsels of red snapper and shrimp marinated in fresh lime juice, flecks of sweet
tomato, biting chile, chopped cilantro and diced Haas avocado gently tossed and served
with crispy tortilla chips. $10.99

ceviche de camaron
fresh shrimp, jicama and avocado in a saucy mix of lime juice, tomato puree and Mexican
hot sauce with crispy toast points. $8.99

zancas estofadas de puerco en salsa
braised pork shanks slow roasted in traditional mole or spicy bbq sauce, accompanied
with sauteed julienne vegetables and fried Tabasco onions. $10.99

sopes de papa en salsa                
crusty masa boats, topped with sharp salsa, fresh goat cheese and herb salad. $6.99
add smoked chicken or slow roasted pork $1.99

gorditas de carne deshebrada
corn masa pockets crispy and soft with classic shredded beef, ripe tomato, Serrano
chiles, cilantro and onion served with classic guacamole and sour cream. $7.99

quesadillas frita                        
fresh ground corn masa filled with Mexican melting cheese, squash blossoms, cilantro
sprigs and lightly fried, served with red chile-tomatillo sauce and mango salsa. $7.99
add smoked chicken $1.99

quesadilla de queso con  hongos y espinaca                        
flour tortillas filled with portabella mushrooms, pico de gallo, fresh spinach and Mexican
cheeses, served with pico de gallo, sour cream and a fire roasted jalapeno. $8.99
add fajita chicken or beef $1.99

atun del ahi
pan seared blackened ahi tuna on a bed of fresh  marinated cucumbers and topped with
mango salsa with avocado butter, pink grapefruit and achoite glaze for dipping. $9.99


ensaladas ~ salads

ensalada de tomatillos con queso
sliced tomatillos, roma tomatoes, fresh asparagus, queso anejo, purple onion, jicama,
cilantro and mixed greens drizzled with cilantro lime infused vinaigrette. $8.99
add jumbo lump crab meat $5.99

ensalada de chile poblano y pollo ahumando
smoked chicken, roasted poblanos, half-pickled onions, tomato, avocado, cucumber and
queso fresco tossed in field greens and your choice of dressing. $9.99

masa crusted pollo y piquillo peppers
masa-crusted chicken with piquillo peppers, avocado butter, pink grapefruit and mixed
greens tossed with Spanish vinaigrette. $8.99

salpicon de huachinango
mixed greens drizzled with mango vinaigrette, marinated snapper, tomato, cucumber,
carrot, jicama, mango salsa and crumbled queso fresca. $11.99

ensalada de aguacate en salsa de jalapeno a la jaiva
buttery smooth Haas avocado, jumbo lump crab meat, crisp cucumber, ruffled lettuce,
and fresh orange slices are accented by a chile-and cumin-laced dressing. $11.99

ensalada estilo
romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with a Mexican flare, queso anejo, and chile
garlic croutons. $7.99
add fajita chicken $3.99 or jalapeno glazed shrimp $4.99  

ensalada de la casa
crisp greens topped with cucumber, tomato, carrot, purple onion, deviled peanuts, and
chile garlic croutons with your choice homemade dressing. $2.99   with entree $1.99

homemade dressings: mango pineapple vinaigrette, jalapeno ranch, ranch,
herbal Italian, bleu cheese and oil & vinegar.


sopas ~ soups

crisp refreshing cold soup with tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, Spanish onion, cilantro
and Haas avocados.
cup $2.99 bowl $4.99            add cocktail shrimp to cup $1.99, bowl $2.99

sopa de tortilla con pollo
a bowl of rich chicken broth with sugarcane-marinated chicken, tomato, roasted
pablanos, avocado and crispy tortilla strips. $5.99

sopa de frijol negro
Oaxaca black beans flavored with fresh fennel, Spanish onion, chorizo sausage, herbs,
red wine and sweet tasting gulf shrimp. cup $3.99 bowl $4.99       (vegetarian style upon

crema de flor de calabaza
blossoms of leafy flavors and a hint of yellow squash, with potato, pablano, zucchini, and
corn in a light creamy broth. cup $2.99 bowl $4.99


platos fuertes tradicionales ~ traditional entrees

all traditional entrees served with red rice, spicy cucumber slaw and your
choice of refried beans or charro beans.

enchiladas de pollo
shredded chicken, cilantro, Spanish onion and Serrano chiles rolled in a fresh corn
tortilla and smothered with queso
anejo and baked, your choice of green tomatillo salsa or sour cream sauce. $12.99

enchiladas de queso o de carne de vaca
classic cheese or spicy ground beef wrapped with corn masa tortillas and topped with
Mexican melting cheese, your
choice of red chile tomatillo or roasted tomato-green chile salsa. $11.99         substitute
shredded beef add $1.99

tacos tradicional
filled with spicy ground beef and shredded Mexican cheese, your choice of crispy corn or
soft flour tortillas. $11.99

tacos de arrachera o pollo y al carbon con rajas
grilled fajita steak or chicken, roasted pablano chiles and browned onions wrapped in
warm flour tortillas. $12.99

tacos de puerco y queso fresco
shredded pork picadillo well browned and simmered with tomato, Spanish onion and the
smokey sting of chipotle with queso chihuahua in slightly toasted flour tortillas. $12.99

tacos de pescado
fresh fish tacos lightly blackened tossed with pablano rajas and queso fresco served in a
light flour tortilla. $14.99

tamales de pollo en chile verde
rotisserie chicken, tomatillos, Serrano chiles, fresh cilantro and earthy corn masa
wrapped in corn husks and steamed, accompanied with green Casas salsa. $14.99

tamale de puerco en chile rojo
slow simmered shredded pork, guajillo chiles and Mexican spices with fresh ground
masa, wrapped in  banana leaves and steamed, served with red Casas salsa. $15.99

chile relleno de puerco
fresh pablano chile stuffed with classic pork picadillo and hand dipped into souffle batter
and lightly fried and served in tomato broth. $14.99

chile relleno de pollo y hongos
roasted poblano chile stuffed with rotisserie chicken, sweet corn, Spanish onion,
portabella mushroom, and fresh
spinach, topped with your choice of homemade sauce. $13.99

buritto o chimichanga classico
spicy ground beef, shredded pork or pulled chicken, portabella mushrooms, Spanish
onion, fresh tomato, Serrano chiles and queso fresca wrapped in a flour tortilla,
smothered with chile con queso. $12.99

Rj grande fiesta
Rj favorites; a pork tamale, chicken relleno topped with queso, chicken enchiladas with
sour cream sauce and a grilled fajita beef taco. $18.99

fajitas classicas
marinated and grilled “Choice Ribeye steak”, chicken or slow simmered pork on a bed of
Mexican stir fry and delivered sizzling to the table. $14.99          add jalapeno glazed
shrimp $4.99


especialidades del chef ~ chef’s specials

pescado “encornflecado” en salsa verde
corn flake crusted red snapper pan fried on a bed of tomatillo sauce and roasted corn,
accompanied with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus en~croute. $19.99
add jalapeno glazed shrimp and mango salsa or jumbo lump crab $5.99

t-bone - a la campestre completa para todos
marinated and grilled to perfection 16oz t-bone steak, red rice, charro beans served with
classic guacamole, roasted chiles and warm flour tortillas. $24.99
add jalapeno glazed shrimp $4.99 or jumbo lump crab $5.99

codornices en mole de cacahuate
smokiness of grilled quail or masa crusted and pan fried on a bed of peanut mole sauce,
flavored with roasted peanuts, ancho chile and ground cinnamon, served with garlic
mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. $17.99

camarones al mojo de ajo
jumbo gulf shrimp sauteed in sweet toasty garlic , chipotle chile and fresh cilantro,
accompanied with red rice and smoky grilled vegetables. $17.99
add jumbo lump crab meat $5.99
costilla de cerdo en salsa
St. Louis style ribs basted to perfection with classic homemade BBQ sauce served with
tequila lime sweet potatoes and seasonal vegetables. $16.99

costilla del campo
slow-cooked beef short rib marinated in it’s own juices, served on a bed of sizzling grilled
vegetables, red rice, charro beans and warm flour tortillas. $17.99

pollo en salsa de fruta tropical
airline breast of chicken marinated with sour cream, cumin, and cilantro, char grilled and
smothered with fresh mango salsa, red rice and steamed asparagus. $15.99
tenderloin RV style
pan seared tenderloin and sweet bananas on a bed of horseradish cilantro cream sauce
with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus en~croute. $21.99
add jumbo lump crab meat $5.99
salmon con queso, hongos, espinaca ala jaiva
grilled Atlantic salmon filet topped with fresh spinach, portabella mushrooms, jumbo lump
crab meat with Mexican cheeses and a sherry creme sauce, served with red rice and
grilled vegetables. $20.99

carne a la parrilla cubreita con rajas
10 oz flat iron steak char grilled and topped with pablano rajas, Mexican melting cheese,
fresh pico de gallo, served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. $19.99
add jalapeno glazed shrimp $4.99

tenderloin y langosta
bacon wrapped tenderloin and wild mushroom sauce accompanied with a cold water
lobster tail baked to perfection and topped with shrimp scampi served with red rice and
fresh steam asparagus. $27.99

***Rj has the most qualified chefs and their assistants  preparing your meals on
a daily basis. We seek the finest and freshest ingredients daily to insure your
dining experience is like no other. Thank you for dining with us from the entire
kitchen staff.


menu de los ninos ~ children’s menu

all children (12 and under) entree’s served with choice of soft drink, juice, or

(1 ea) cheese enchilada                        (1 ea) crispy beef taco
served with rice and beans. $3.99                        served with rice and beans. $3.99
(8 ea) mini corn dogs                             (2 ea) beef flautas                 
served with french fries. $3.99                        served with rice, beans and queso for
dipping. $4.99

(4 ea) chicken tenders                           hamburger
served with french fries. $4.99                        served with french fries. $4.99

cafes de la especialidad ~ specialty coffees

Rj Mexican coffee
patron XO café “coffee flavored tequila liqueur” and liquor 43 blended with rich fresh
coffee topped with whipped
cream, chocolate shavings and ground cinnamon.

cocoa rum fiesta
captain morgan’s spiced rum, butterscotch schnapps in creamy hot cocoa topped with
fresh whipped cream and a dash of ground cinnamon.

P & J cocoa
nutty frangelico and rich raspberry chambord blended with steaming hot cocoa and
topped off whipped cream.

chocolate café
just desserts chocolate chip cookie liqueur, fresh brewed coffee with whipped cream,
chocolate shavings, and sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

café rancho
a bold blend, doubled brewed coffee topped off with kahlua especial.


tes de la especialidad ~ speciality teas

raspberry quince
iced tea brewed from organic black tea leaves, raspberry, quince and natural flavors.

ginger peach
iced tea brewed in pure water from the finest tea leaves, with a hint of ginger and

novus “hot tea”
specialty hot tea service; spiced chai, sapphire earl grey, pai mu tan, kenilworth reylon,
dragon well green, and wild encounter (sugar free).


agua de la especialidad ~ specialty waters

s. pellegrino
bottled at the source, San Pellegrino Terme Italy.

acqua panna
natural spring water from the hills of Tuscany.


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