Bavarian Grill
221 W. Parker Road, NW corner US 75 and West Parker
Plano, Texas 75023 USA

Cuisine: German Bavarian
Telephone. 972 881 0705

Tue through Sat: Lunch 11am-4pm, Dinner 4pm -10pm
Steinhour: 4-7pm
Biergarten 11am-midnight
Closed: Sunday and Monday

Authentic Bavarian Food, Beer, Wine, Schnapps and Fun in Plano, Texas since 1993. Large Food selection includes Jaeger Schnitzel, Sauerbraten, Rinder Rouladen, Maultaschen, Wurst Plates, Chicken, Fisch and Pastas.
Outstanding desserts. Seasonal menus include white Asparagus in the spring, Schnitzelfest during Oktoberfest and Wild Game during the fall.
Banquet space for 100, indoor and outdoor Biergarten. Gift shop.
Over 50 different German Biers, 20+ on draft, German Wein by glass and bottle. Live accordion music in the dining room nightly from about 6:30pm. Six piece Dixieland Jazz Band every Tuesday starting at 7pm.


Every German shot available, 50 German beers, a stein collection and memorabilia from Germany give Bavarian Grill customers a real sense of the country.
All of the meals served are authentic recipes brought to the United States by the owner.
In keeping with the tradition of celebrating life, this German restaurant offers six festival menus during the year besides the already good-sized, variety menu.
Although the attire is casual, reservations are highly recommended for this popular spot. While waiting, if the puzzle tables do not keep you entertained, then the live accordion music will. Go on a Tuesday night for a special music treat.
 -- Deborah HP DiStasi ( cityguide)


Dinner Menu


  Vorspeisen und Salate des Sommers - Appetizers and Salads

Gebackener Camembert mit Cumberland Soße
Baked Camembert cheese

3 Kartoffel Pfannkuchen mit Sauer Rahm und Apfelmus
3 Potato pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce

Geräuchertes Forellenfilet mit Sahnemeerrettich
Smoked Filet of trout with creamy horseradish

Königin Pastete mit Ragout fin
A puff pastry shell filled with creamed chicken and mushrooms

Gefüllte Champignons
Mushroom stuffed with Bratwurst

Pochierte geräucherte Hühnerbrust mit leichter Weissweinsoße und frischem Gemüse
Smoked, poached chicken breast with a light white wine sauce and fresh vegetables

Westerwälder geräuchertes Hühnchen auf grünem Salat
Grilled smoked chicken breast on a Ceasar Salad

Sommer Suppen - Soups

Fränkischer Eintopf mit Wurst
Fresh vegetable stew with meat & sausages

Gulasch Suppe
Spicy Goulash Soup with beef, pork, and peppers

Our daily soup selection

Maultaschen und Spätzle - Pasta

Schwäbische Maultaschen überbacken mit Käse und gemischtem Salat
Fresh pasta pockets are filled with ground veal, spinach, sauteed onions and poached in a beef broth,
topped with melted Swiss cheese, served with a mixed salad

Makaroni mit geräucherter Hühnerbrust nach Försterin Art
Our fresh long, hollow pasta with smoked chicken breast and wild mushrooms
in a red wine sauce with fresh vegetables

Schwarzwälder Spätzle mit Pilzen, Erbsen und Schinken
Tiny pasta dumplings tossed with fresh mushrooms, sauteed onions, peas and Black Forest ham,
in a creamy cheese sauce

Grätenfreie Forelle - Guaranteed Boneless Filets of Trout

Forelle mit Schnittlauch Butter
Trout filled with chives, herb butter and baked in foil,
accompanied by parslied potatoes and fresh vegetables

Forelle "Müllerin"
Trout sauteed in butter with Bavarian oven potatoes and creamy spinach

Koch Vergnügen - Entree's

In the traditional Bavarian style, we suggest with our entree's either sauteed potatoes, warm herbed potato salad, tiny pasta dumplings, a bread dumpling, or potato pancakes, and a vegetable or salad. Please feel free to substitute.

Zwei Würste mit Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und Sauerkraut
Your choice of sausages: Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knackwurst, Smoked Bratwurst, or Nurnberger;
served with warm herbed potato salad and sauerkraut

Oktoberfest Hendl mit Pommes frites und gemischtem Salat
Oven roasted chicken with French fries and a mixed salad

Schnitzel "Wiener Art", Kräuter Kartoffelsalat und gemischtem Salat
Breaded and pan-fried to a golden brown, served with warm herbed potato salad, and a mixed salad

Jäger Schnitzel mit Spätzle und gemischtem Salat
This breaded schnitzel is topped with a rich sauce and many mushrooms,
served with tiny pasta dumplings and a mixed salad

Deutsches Gulasch mit Spätzle und Tomatensalat
Lean cuts of pork and beef in their own rich sauce, served with tiny pasta dumplings and a tomato salad

Rinder Rouladen mit Bratkartoffeln und Rahm Spinat
A generous cut of lean beef is rubbed with mustard, then filled with onions, bacon and a pickle spear.
After slow roasting, we serve this with Bavarian oven potatoes and creamy spinach

Oberstdorfer Sauerbraten mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut
Marinated Beef Roasted in a tangy sweet and sour sauce with sour cream,
served with a bread dumpling and red cabbage

Tiroler Rostbraten mit Bratkartoffeln und frischem Gemüse
Strip Steak seared to your liking with roasted onions,
served with Bavarian potatoes and fresh vegetables

Wiener Tafelspitz mit Kartoffel Pfannkuchen und Rahm Spinat
Vienna Style" Prime Rib, broiled with root vegetables and baked in a creamy horseradish sauce,
served with potato pancakes and creamy spinach

Bayrischer Schweinebraten mit Semmelknödel und Rotkraut
Bavarians' favorite: slices of juicy pork roast on a caraway sauce, with a bread dumpling and red cabbage


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