Auberge Du Pommier

Yonge Corporate Centre

4150 Yonge St., Toronto,
Tel: (416) 222-2220 Fax: (416)222-2580
French Cuisine


Mon - Fri, Lunch and Dinner
Sat - Dinner only
Closed Sunday
Located just south of highway 401 east on Yonge St., Auberge Du Pommier is easily accessible from all parts of the greater Toronto area, stood-alone in a handsome, whitish house all by itself, with fountains outside for summer dining and fire place indoor for the winter, "Auberge," which means "inn" or more closely "hostels" in French, fits the description.
The decor is not exactly provincial, but more upscale metropolitan.
The main dining room is totally nonsmoking, which seems a little bit authoritarian considering the choices offer by other establishments nearby. (My dining partner, however, points out correctly that the choices by consumers are a thousand times better than government regulations. We are in a free market economy, aren’t we?)

Our dining experience there is not exactly a perfect one. The rack of lamb is a lot smaller in size than that offer by most restaurants. There is no crispy crust of bread crumb, fine herbs and mustard lining the meat. And all the fat around the rack has been removed. (Bad idea).
My partner ordered the Angus beef steak medium-rare, and it came medium well-done. The sauce demi-glace, and au jus, however, is homemade, nice and not too rich. Just like a good country hostel would serve.
The heart of romaine lettuce salad is a mutation of Caesar salad garnished with a couple of smoked fruit wedges. It was great.

The service is professional and attentive. For our overcooked Angus beef, we were offered apologies and placated with free deserts.
"The number of reviews has dropped but the praises continues for this elegant but simple French country restaurant, complete with stone fireplaces, wood beams and flowers. 'Very attractive presentation' of 'good but not brilliant' lobster bisque, cheese in phyllo. 'Rack of lamb was a real taste treat.' 'Potato and leek soup' 'chocolate wafer with mousse and fruit' excellent. . . .'Extensive wine list, reasonably priced.' Service for most was 'first class'. Great experience for 'upscale crowd'. . ."

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